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Expat Living | What It's Like to be Living in the Philippines

An aerial view of Makati city depicting what it’s like to be living in the Philippines Find out what it’s like to be living in the Philippines as an expat and why you should consider it as your destination.

People expatriate for a lot of different reasons. Some do it for a higher academic pursuit, a change of career, as a retirement plan or to simply chase the thrill of a new beginning. Nonetheless, moving to a different country to start out a new life is a decision that requires thorough thinking and planning.

One of the countries that is gaining in popularity among expats nowadays is the Philippines - an archipelagic nation in Southeast Asia. The Philippines is home to some of the world’s most picturesque tropical landscapes, friendly people and beautiful Filipino women.

If the Pearl of the Orient Seas is on your shortlist of potential countries to move to, then you ought to know what it’s like to be living there.

  • Culture

    Filipino culture can be characterized as rich, diverse, and colorful. It is a perfect blend of indigenous traditions with a hint of Spanish, Japanese, Chinese and American influences.

    The culture in the Philippines heavily gravitates towards religious and traditional values. Thus, the virtues of respect, generosity, close family ties, and compassion are widely practiced and observed.

  • People

    The Philippines is a nation of warm and friendly people. At one point they were touted as the happiest people in the world - a recognition that they take so much pride in.

    Filipinos are also known for their hospitality. It is one of their many endearing traits that make the Philippines such an appealing candidate, either for a leisurely trip or expatriation.

    Being around a community of warm and friendly people will certainly help you easily adjust to local culture and the new way of life. Most of the time, it is the locals who will first reach out to you. And if you’re a Westerner, you’ll find it a lot easier to adapt because of the rather peculiar affinity of Filipinos for Western culture and lifestyle.

  • Weather

    The Philippines only has two seasons (dry and wet). Even during the wet season which normally runs from June to January of the following year, the weather in the Philippines is generally humid and hot - the kind of climate you’d expect from a tropical paradise.

    Natural calamities; such as typhoons and earthquakes are some of the most frequent problems Filipinos have to face. It’s one of the few things you should always be on the lookout for.

  • Safety

    Life in the Philippines today isn’t as scary and unsafe as others perceive it to be. Over the years it has become a safer place for both the locals and foreigners alike. While there could be a couple of instances where you might encounter people who will try to take advantage of you, they aren’t as rampant as they were before.

    But if you ever find yourself in such a situation, you can always count on other locals to help you out. Filipinos, generally, have a strong sense of community and won’t hesitate to extend the same courtesy to foreigners.

  • Dating and marriage culture

    While the Philippines has adopted quite a few Western liberal values, Filipinos are still able to retain their conservative and traditional nature. That is very much evident in their dating and marriage culture. So if you’re wondering what it’s like dating a Filipina, remember classic social values and be a gentleman.

    And if you’re really keen on dating a Filipina while in the Philippines - which, considering how lovely these women are isn’t a far-fetched possibility at all - make sure that you adapt, adhere, and conform to their dating and marriage traditions. You don’t necessarily need to strip yourself of your own value system, but it’s important that, to a certain extent, you conform to theirs as well.

The country’s tourism campaign motto “It’s More Fun in the Philippines” - that isn’t just a marketing gimmick. This gem of a country made up of more than 7000 islands will never fail to amaze you. With beautiful sights, exciting attractions, lovely women, and warm people to boast, it’s no wonder that the Philippines is increasingly becoming a highly coveted expat destination.

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