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The Art of Chivalry | How to Be a Gentleman

A guy ready to show ways how to be a gentleman.
Respect, honor, and courtesy are the perfect traits to master the ways how to be a gentleman.

“A guy tells. A man explains. A gentleman inspires.” – Anonymous

What is a gentleman?

According to Encyclopedia Britannica a gentleman, in its strict and original meaning, refers to a man of a good family. It derives from the Latin word gentilis, which means generous. It eventually came to signify rank and affluence in the early 19th century. Hence, the old gentleman refers to having a good education and social position. However, the meaning of this term has evolved over time.

In today’s world, the concept of being a gentleman extends far beyond the notions of nobility or aristocracy. Modern culture has set the standards of the true meaning of being a gentleman. It’s now a timeless pursuit of respect, honor, and courtesy toward others, regardless of social status or background. A true gentleman understands that every individual is different and that each of them deserves to be treated with respect and compassion.

Unfortunately, gentlemen have become extremely rare in this contemporary world, which has become more focused on self-interest and individualism. But this should not discourage you from striving to be one. Being a gentleman in this present time means inspiring others to embrace a higher standard of behavior, and fostering a culture of empathy and respect.

Here, we will provide you with insights into how to be a gentleman. We will include a list of gentlemanly qualities to help you in your pursuit to become a more respectable and attractive individual.

7 Qualities of a Gentleman or a High-Quality Man

How do you determine if someone is genuinely a gentleman or pretending to be one? We have compiled a list of the most common traits of a gentleman to assist you in your pursuit of embodying this timeless idea.

A man showing respect as one of the traits of a gentleman.
Showing respect to the person you’re talking to is one of the traits of a gentleman.
  1. He is generous.

    This is a no-brainer, as gentleman originally meant generous. But generosity does not only refer to giving material things, it also means giving your time, wisdom, and effort to anybody regardless of their background. Truly, generosity is one of the signs of a gentleman.

  2. He is well-mannered.

    Being well-mannered is a gentleman quality. This includes being kind, respectful, and empathetic. This can be seen even in the small gestures of a man such as holding the door open for other people, saying “thank you” and “please” as a sign of respect, and always coming on time. Lastly, he is sensitive and considers the feelings of others.

  3. He is a man of action.

    A true gentleman is a man of his word. If he promises to do something, he will do it. He is a man who everyone can trust because he follows through with his actions and intentions. But note that he is not the kind of man to be easily fooled as he is also wise.

  4. He is civil.

    A civil man is a man who stays calm, composed, and collected even in a difficult situation. He does not let his emotions cloud his judgment. He is logical and rational when it comes to decision-making. And most importantly, he treats everyone equally with respect regardless of their rank in society.

    When confronted with violence, he does not play dirty, rather, he plays by the gentleman’s rules, ultimately earning him the respect of his peers.

  5. He is confident but not arrogant.

    A gentleman possesses the right amount of self-trust which gives him the confidence to share his knowledge with others. But he is not arrogant as he knows that he still has a lot of things to learn. He is teachable and is open to receiving new input from other people.

  6. He is not pretentious.

    He is the same person at home and in public. He does not need to pretend to be someone he’s not. He is a person with strong values and morals which he is able to apply wherever he goes and whatever he does.

  7. He is not perfect.

    A gentleman knows he is not perfect and will never be perfect. He is self-aware and knows his limitations. He is not afraid to accept his shortcomings. He sees them as opportunities to be a better person.

7 Ways How to Be a Gentleman to a Lady

If you want to attract a quality lady, it’s in your best interest to charm her with respect and chivalry. Here’s how to be a gentleman to a woman in this modern world.

A well-mannered man showing how to be a gentleman to a lady.
By showing how to be a gentleman to a lady, you’ll capture her fascination.
  1. Treat her with respect.

    The code of a gentleman embodies honor towards women. Always be mindful of your words, tone, and volume of your voice when you talk to her. Treat her with kindness and patience, even in the most difficult time.

  2. Hold the door open for her.

    Holding the door for a woman is a classic concept of chivalry that is connected with the saying “ladies first.” If you’re on a date, get out of the car first and open the door for her. When you’re getting inside a restaurant or any establishment, hold the door open and let her through first. It’s basic.

  3. Be true to your word.

    One of the key characteristics of a gentleman is his ability to live up to his word. When you say you will do something, you will do your best to fulfill it. And if you cannot do it, be honest with her. She will appreciate you more.

  4. Pay attention to her.

    Stop checking your phone when you’re with her. Pay attention to what she’s saying. Active listening makes you a gentleman as it shows that you are patient and genuine in your interaction with her.

  5. Learn to apologize when you’re wrong.

    Because no true gentleman, or person for that matter, is perfect, you should know how and when to apologize for your mistakes. Accept that you are a work in progress and a lifelong learner.

  6. Ask her if she went home safe and sound.

    After every date or get-together, you should always make sure that she went home okay. If you can, send her home yourself to personally witness that she arrived home safe and sound.

  7. Be her number one fan.

    Your girl needs your support. Rather than putting her down when the odds seem to be not in her favor, encourage her and offer suggestions instead. The last thing she needs from you is your judgment and the dreaded, “I told you so.”

Be a Gentleman for Others

You don’t need to be put on a pedestal to be called a gentleman. You don’t even need a coach or a manual. It only needs respect, honor, and courtesy to show the world how to be a gentleman. But it takes practice, dedication, and willingness to achieve the true meaning of the word.

Remember that your true purpose of being a gentleman is not to receive accolades or recognition, but to inspire others and make a positive impact on your environment.

And finally, don’t just be a gentleman to attract beautiful women. Rather, be so in order to be a worthy partner and the best thing to ever happen to her.

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