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Food Guide | Exploring the Flavors of Philippine Culture

A photo of a famous Philippine dish known as Pork Adobo Discover mouthwatering dishes that are mainly influenced by Philippine culture.

Welcome to the Philippines - the land of gorgeous ladies, hospitable citizens, lush islands, fine sands, blue seas, and delicious, mouth-watering food. There are so many amazing things about this country that Philippine tourism is booming now more than ever. The culture, atmosphere, and tourist destinations in this country are beloved not only by the locals that live in it but also by the millions of foreigners who visit the country every year.

People from all around the world have visited the Philippine Islands - Americans, Europeans, Asians, you name it! There’s something about the country that is just incredibly attractive to many. Some visit to meet the women, to see the islands, to relax on the beach, or to try out the incredible food. That last one is what we are going to be highlighting today - the exquisite flavors of Philippine culture. With that said, here are some of the best cuisines you can find and try out in the country:

  • Adobo. Adobo is a very simple dish. It is pork or chicken marinated in soy sauce and vinegar. Other recipes are added from time to time to make the taste more interesting. Popularly paired with rice, this dish is one of the most popular and beloved in the country.

  • Lechon. Lechon is the highlight dish of every single Filipino gathering. If a family can afford it, it will definitely be on the table. Lechon is basically just roasted pig. But it's not just any roasted pig, it's an entire pig that is charcoal roasted for hours and hours. Other than that, it’s considered as the national dish of the Philippines.

  • Lumpia. Another frequent sight at Filipino gatherings, Lumpia is a pastry-wrapped dish that is filled with meat or vegetables, and sometimes a mixture of both. This is usually deep-fried until golden. It’s very popular among Filipinos and mostly included in every gathering because of how it’s so easy to make. Preparing, serving, and eating Lumpia is most certainly an example of Filipino culture that is embraced by Filipino families as mothers and daughters mostly make this dish together.

  • Silog. Silog is the champion of Filipino breakfast. This dish consists of a cup of garlic fried rice, sunny-side-up egg, and meat of a person’s choosing. Corned beef, sausages, cured pork, and cured beef are some of the most common meats that are chosen to go with the garlic rice and egg.

  • Sinigang. Sinigang is a sour soup consisting of meat and vegetables. It’s made sour with the use of different ingredients depending on the recipe. It can either be tomatoes, lime, or tamarind. Pork, chicken, fish, and beef are options for meat used. Sinigang is a very popular “comfort food” in the country and is often served during rainy seasons.

  • Palabok. Palabok is the quintessential noodle-based dish in the Philippines. This dish is made of rice noodles mixed with hard-boiled eggs, chopped pork, shrimp, and finally, the ingredient that gives it its orange color, shrimp broth.

Having close family ties plays a big part in Filipino culture and values, which is why massive family gatherings are such a common sight in the country. Perhaps it’s another reason why the dishes in this country are so good. Family gatherings happen so often that dishes are always created, recreated, and made special. To try out these dishes is very satisfying to the appetite and provides an incredible glimpse into the wonderful Philippine culture. If you are to meet and date a woman in the Philippines, say, a woman from this site, don’t hesitate to ask her about these dishes. Ask her to have you try them out. You'll come to find that these dishes will make you love the country even more.

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