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Exploring Philippine Culture | Filipino Practices You Should Know About

A jeepney plying the roads of the Philippines. Make your love quest in the Philippines a lot easier by learning about the Philippine culture first.

If you’re looking for a country whose culture and traditions have remained intact and widely practiced despite the rampant Westernization, then there’s no better example of that than the Philippines. Philippine culture is as diverse, interesting and as colorful as they come. It’s a perfect blend of indigenous traditions and beliefs, but with an apparent hint of foreign influence.

Over the years, however, Filipinos have developed a rather peculiar affinity towards Western culture. But despite the strong Western influence, the traditional Filipino culture and values still shine through. As a result, the Philippine islands have become a favorite destination for single foreign men who are looking for a wife with beautifully exotic looks combined with traditional values and familiarity with the Western way of life.

The attention and interest that beautiful Filipino women draw from foreign bachelors has indeed positively impacted the Philippine tourism industry - and for good reason. Many foreign tourists who have visited the country went back home bringing with them not just wonderful memories but a lovely Pinay girlfriend as well.

But before you even get to the idea of dating a Filipina, it pays to learn about the Filipino culture first. It’s worth noting that women in the Philippines love men who make the effort in embracing her culture, which is why it’s important that you keep tabs on the following Filipino practices:

  • The “Mano Po” practice.
    Filipinos have been doing this practice for generations. Basically, a younger person takes the hand of an elder person, then bows down to place his or her forehead to the back of the elder person’s hand.

    The “Mano Po” practice is a show of respect to the elderly, and if you are ever to date a woman from the Philippines and she lets you meet her family make sure to keep this practice in mind.

  • Leave your shoes outside the door.
    Not every household does this, but almost everyone in the Philippines leaves their shoes outside whenever stepping into someone else’s home. This practice is not exactly exclusive to the people of the Philippines, but it is such a big deal to many that people will look at you differently if you disregard this practice when everyone else is adhering to it.

  • Jeepneys - the most popular mode of transport in the Philippines.
    After the Second World War, after the Americans left the Philippines, many of the military jeeps that were used in the war were sold or given to Filipinos. They were then used as personal vehicles while others converted them for public transport.

    Riding a jeepney is definitely an experience you shouldn’t miss out on while in the Philippines. It may not be the most comfortable way of getting around, but it’s a culturally enriching experience nonetheless.

  • Close family ties.
    The Filipino family culture is perhaps the most important tradition in the Philippines. Almost every Filipino will put their families first before anything else. Everything they do, they do for their family. Every success, they dedicate to their family. Every failure, they turn to their family for guidance. So don’t be surprised if you see that the vast majority of Filipino families are extended.

  • Courtship is still very much a thing.
    The chivalrous practice of courtship is still being adhered to in the Philippines. If you want to date a Filipina woman, you are going to have to go through that process first.

    You will definitely have your work cut out for you when pursuing a Pinay. But all that time and effort you spent on her, it’s all going to be worth it in the end, considering that you’ll get to date one of the most sought-after women in the world.

The Philippines is truly a beautiful country and so are the women living in it. It’s not hard to see why foreign men flock here in search of love and romance.

Exploring the Philippines will certainly be a lot more memorable and fun if you have a lovely Pinay showing you around. Simply sign up for free today and start meeting single lovely Filipinas here at our site.

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