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Taste of Tradition: Filipino Alcohol for Beginners

A restaurant and bar offering alcohol for beginners.
Build a connection with a Filipina over a few drinks. Here are some helpful tips on alcohol for beginners.

For Filipinos, there’s always a reason to drink. Whether it be to celebrate a wedding or simply the fact that they were able to gather with friends.

This, however, doesn’t mean that they’re addicted to drinking. It’s part of their tradition as a way to bond and celebrate each other’s presence.

If you’re going on a date with a Filipina, it’s just as good an idea to take her out for a drink. It sets the mood for a more casual interaction, easily strengthening your connection.

Then again, keep in mind to avoid getting drunk and passing out.

Most Filipinas can hold their alcohol. This means that a glass or two of strong Filipino liquor won’t easily get them drunk.

That being said, have a good time with your Filipina date by going at a steady drinking pace.

In this guide, we’ll go over some tips on how to handle Filipino alcohol for beginners. Remain sober throughout the night and create fun memories with your date.

Beginner Filipino Beers

In the Philippines, beer is the go-to alcoholic drink. Because Filipinos usually drink in big groups, the affordable price of beer is what ensures that everybody gets to have at least one bottle.

However, Filipino beer usually has a high alcohol content.

San Miguel Pale Pilsen, the most popular beer brand, for example, has 5% alcohol content. There’s also Red Horse Beer, with 6.9% alcohol content.

You might not get drunk with just one or two bottles of San Miguel or Red Horse, but it’s better to be safe than sorry.

This means that if you want to drink beer on your date, you might want to choose something that has lesser alcohol content. Here are some options that you can choose from.

San Miguel Flavored Beer

Thankfully, the leading beer brand has a line of flavored beer with the flavors of lemon, apple, and lychee.

Unlike the original San Miguel, the flavored beers only have a 3% alcohol content. Moreover, the bitter taste of beer is watered down by a fresh fruity flavor, making it easier for you to enjoy.

Gold Eagle Beer

If you’re in the provinces, try out Gold Eagle Beer.

Although the taste is similar to the Pale Pilsen, Gold Eagle Beer only has 4.55% alcohol content. This makes it one of the best alcohol for beginners.

Moreover, unlike its counterpart, which is popular and distributed worldwide, this beer can only be found in the Visayas and Mindanao regions.

Craft Beer

Craft beer is also popular among Filipinos. Depending on which city you’re in, simply look up craft beer on Google Maps to locate establishments that you can visit.

Unlike mainstream beers that cater to the general public, breweries that sell craft beer cater to drinkers who want something artisanal and innovative.

Some breweries source their ingredients from local products to create various flavors for their beers.

Even if you’re not a fan of beer, you’re sure to make an exception with craft beer.

Although they’re a bit pricier, they’re definitely worth it.

A woman drinking a light beer, one of the best alcohol for beginners.
Filipinas love their beer! Know the best alcohol for beginners that you can enjoy with your date.

Good Wine for Beginners

If there’s one thing that you should know about Filipinos in general, it’s that they are not avid fans of wine.

The main reason for this is that they have a penchant for sweets, as you will notice in Philippine cuisine. Meanwhile, wines are usually bitter, hence their lack of love for it.

However, there are locally-produced wines in the country that perfectly cater to the taste buds of Filipinos, making them a good beginner’s choice for your Filipina date.

Strawberry Wine

If there’s any wine for people who don’t like wine, this one takes the cake.

Those who have tried it say that it’s addictive, and they describe the experience along the lines of drinking alcohol that tastes like juice.

Note that those who are avid wine drinkers may not feel the same way about certain variants or flavors of wine.

The best strawberry wine can be found in La Trinidad, Benguet. But to have this on your date with a Filipina, you don’t necessarily have to go there just to purchase it.

Their strawberry wines can easily be ordered online. Moreover, there are other brand alternatives, such as Dielles and Diru, whose strawberry wines are not far off from the ones produced in Benguet.

Rafhael’s Dragon Fruit Wine

Another good wine for beginners is Rafhael’s Dragon Fruit Wine.

This specific brand has been around for more than 10 years, which is a testament to how good the product is.

According to its makers, the taste of the dragon fruit wine can be likened to lambanog, a Filipino liquor that is made from coconut sap.

Moreover, it smells and tastes sweet, contrary to the sometimes bitter and acidic wines.

However, don’t be fooled by the sweetness as it has a strong kick.

You can consider getting this wine if your Filipina date has a sweet tooth. But even if you think you can handle your alcohol, remember to please drink responsibly.

A woman drinking good wine for beginners during a date.
Filipinas have a penchant for all things sweet. If you want good wine for beginners, pick ones with a sweet and fruity flavor.

Best Cocktails for Beginners

If you’re planning to take your Filipina date for an evening drink, then why not order yourselves some cocktails?

They’re a good choice to set a romantic mood.

Moreover, because a cocktail is prepared by hand, it allows you to express your preference to the bartender.

You can ask them to go light on the alcohol. This way, you and your date can stay sober throughout the night.


You can never go wrong by ordering the classic Gin and Pomelo cocktail.

It’s usually made with one part Ginebra San Miguel Gin and three parts pomelo juice, which guarantees that you won’t get drunk with just a few glasses.

Moreover, this is classified as one of the best girly drinks due to its vibrant color, fruity flavor, and cute garnish. Surely, your woman will appreciate you buying her a glass of GinPom to sip during your date.

However, note that different bars have their own take on this famous cocktail. Instead of having only two ingredients, they’ll usually add either another type of alcohol or fruit.


In a country that has many beautiful islands, it would be a shame not to share a drink at the beach with your Filipina date.

If you’re thinking of going to the beach, try ordering a Boracay cocktail at the local bar.

It’s a mix of three parts: Tanduay Rum, one part condensed milk, and two parts coffee and malt powder.

Tanduay Rum is a strong drink, and having three parts of it mixed with coffee may not be a good idea. So, try to ask the bartender to customize this in a way that you won’t end up with too much energy or worse, pass out.

Gin Nata

Gin Nata is classified as an alcohol for beginners because it only has one alcoholic ingredient, GSM Blue Light.

GSM is one of the few clear liquor drinks wherein the whole bottle has around 32.5% alcohol content.

Other ingredients are a lychee drink with nata de coco, lychee syrup, cherry syrup, and lemon soda.

With the number of fruits mixed in the drink. Gin Nata is also one of the best girly drinks that you can buy for your date.

The best girly drinks placed on a table.
Cocktails are the best girly drinks! Your date will surely love it if you buy her one.

How to Order at a Bar in the Philippines

When on a date, it’s natural to want to impress her. Don’t just limit yourself to your knowledge of the best alcoholic drinks for beginners.

Learn how to order at a bar in the Philippines by referring to this comprehensive guide.

Understand bar terminology.

Bartenders use their own jargon. Although they won’t shame you for not knowing them, it’s best to at least familiarize yourself with a few terms to understand what they mean.


This means that you want your drink served straight from the bottle with no ice, water, or mixers.

On the rocks

When you order a drink on the rocks, you want it to be served with ice cubes or what they refer to as the “rocks.”

Shaken or stirred

Keep this in mind when ordering cocktails. This is because depending on your texture preferences and how diluted you want your drink to be, the bartender can either vigorously shake your drink or gently stir the ingredients.

Note that if you want a lighter texture, opt to have your drink shaken. Meanwhile, if you want a smooth, silky texture, you can choose to have it stirred.

Choose your drink.

Unless your date has something specific in mind, it’s best to order her something that you think fits her taste.

For example, as a Filipina, she may prefer a sweet alcoholic drink rather than one with a bitter taste. In this case, you can order her one of our recommended cocktails, the GinPom.

Meanwhile, when it comes to how to order beer at a bar in the Philippines, you need to first ask what they have available. Since beer is a popular choice, some brands are easily sold out.

Also, note that bars have their specialties and will sometimes release new mixed drinks for special occasions. Try to look around for a signboard that indicates this or ask the bartender.

Order and pay.

As you order, keep in mind the different bar terminologies. Moreover, tell the bartender to lessen the amount of alcohol they serve you.

Meanwhile, to pay for your order, you can either open a tab or pay immediately.

Tipping is optional at bars in the Philippines. But if you like the bartender’s work, try to give them a small token of your appreciation.

A bartender creating new mixed drinks
Want to know if a bar has a special drink for a holiday? Ask the bartender if they have new mixed drinks that you can try.

Bonding over the Best Alcohol for Beginners

In the Philippines, drinking is a way to strengthen your bond.

If you want to get closer to a Filipina, take her out for a drink, whether it’s at a bar, restaurant, or beach.

Remember that your goal is to get to know her better and have a fun time. To do that, you need to stay sober.

While going on a date with a Filipina is an opportunity to try out the best Filipino drinks, make sure to drink moderately and responsibly. That being said, allow this guide on alcohol for beginners to help you make the most of your dating experience in the Philippines.

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