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Becoming The Ideal Man That Women Want

A guy wearing a white shirt and a coat.
Women say they want the ideal man. Perhaps with a few tweaks, you could be that man.

Are women’s standards too high these days? Or are you a tweak or two away from becoming every lady’s ideal man?

When it comes to dating, people have a set of standards. Some people enter that dating pool with a checklist of traits they want in a partner. Whether it’s height, education, or fashion sense, most people have a set of preferences they want their future partner to match.

Women, in general, tend to be more selective than men when it comes to finding partners. This is because for a lot of women, the ideal man isn’t just six feet tall with six-pack abs and a six-figure net salary, he’s also someone who has a bunch of intangible traits.

So, what is a high quality man in the eyes of women? What traits should a guy have in order to be the kind of man that can have his pick of the litter?

To help you gauge yourself and evaluate your chances in the dating game, we’ll provide a list of qualities in a man that women want.

What Women Want to See

Naturally, the first thing that women will notice about you is your physical traits. While it is true that women aren’t as visual as men when it comes to attraction, this doesn’t mean that a hunk of a man isn’t going to draw eyes to him. Now, what are these physical traits that women want in a man?

1. The Ideal Man Is Taller than She Is

Height is your most prominent trait. When given the option to put in height preferences on dating apps, 90 percent of female users set a preference for six feet or taller. This is because tall men are seen as stronger and more dominant. Tall men are thought to be more masculine.

Tall men can also tower over most women, which makes a lot of them feel daintier and more feminine.

There are also the practical considerations involved – tall men are better able to reach the top shelves.

But let’s face it, you’re either tall or you’re not. Whichever the case, make it a point to keep a straight and confident posture. That will more than likely make up for the lack of inches.

2. He’s Athletic but Not Bulky

When it comes to other physical features, women tend to like men who have strong, athletic builds. Not like a bodybuilder, but definitely someone who looks like they work out regularly. This is because being athletically built is an indicator of being healthy.

There are also specific body parts that a lot of women are attracted to, such as forearms. Toned forearms are why women love it when a man wears a long-sleeved shirt but then rolls up the sleeves.

While some women prefer the dad bod, we recommend putting time and effort into exercise. If not for the women, at least for yourself, your self-confidence, and your health.

3. Stubble

When it comes to facial hair, there are some women who are attracted to full beards. Others are attracted to a clean-shaven face. But the facial hair that gets the most attention is stubble. Women like a guy who’s got a five o’clock shadow.

4. The Way He Dresses

Height, stubble, and build are all objective traits: they’re not things that a person can argue. But there are traits that women like that are more subjective.

First is a sense of style. Women love a man who doesn’t just know how to put on clothes, they love a man who knows how to dress. But the best ways in which you can dress are somewhat subjective and dependent on your taste.

A man wearing a black shirt and a jacket.
To attract your ideal woman, aim to be her ideal man.

Some women love a man in formal wear. If he’s in a tux or in a three-piece suit, then women are going to see him as a high quality man. But there are some women who prefer a man in jeans and a T-shirt. They’d rather have their man wear work boots as opposed to dress shoes.

Ultimately, the best way to dress to be the ideal man is going to vary from woman to woman. Some women will want a suave man. Others will want one who’s more rugged. Some will want a man who can be both, clean-shaven and suave one second but then rugged and stubbled the next.

Noteworthy Things a Man Brings to the Table

Physical traits aren’t the only thing that a woman wants in a man. But while some women don’t know what to look for in a man when dating, that doesn’t change the fact that a quality man has just as much substance as looks, if not more. To consider a serious relationship with him, here are things that she wants him to have:

1. He Listens to Her

One of the most important skills a man can have is the ability to listen. Listening may not seem like a skill, but many relationships have turned sour because one person isn’t able to listen.

What does it mean to listen? Sometimes, it can mean being a sounding board. A lot of the time, when a woman starts talking about a problem, a man will offer a solution immediately. This may fix the problem, but the woman doesn’t get to have the emotional release of ranting to her partner.

Another aspect of listening as a skill that can make a man an ideal person is the ability to take direction. Some guys think they know best, but a guy who can listen and obey is ideal for a lot of women because then he’ll be able to do certain things the way she wants them done.

2. He Can Take Care of Himself and Her

A man’s ability to keep house is an extremely underrated but highly attractive quality. This means that he can cook, clean, and fix. This may not seem like much of a dating skill, but there are plenty of women who’ve been in relationships with men who sleep on a mattress on the ground and use liquor bottles as decoration, and whose diet consists of takeout and microwaveable meals.

So when a woman is wondering how to find a good man to marry, she’s going to want someone who can take care of himself.

But it’s not just taking care of himself that makes women want a man who can keep house. It’s also that he is more able to split the domestic labor so she’s not stuck doing all the cooking and cleaning.

3. He Can Make Her Feel Loved

Women want men who understand the art of romance. But being romantic isn’t just taking her out to a candle-lit dinner. It means setting the mood, being able to give her romantic assurance, as well as anticipate and meet her romantic needs.

For example, a woman who needs verbal reassurance and physical affection will want a man who will know when she needs it and be willing to give it to her.

4. A Great Personality

A guy can look good and have the right skills that can make women swoon, but what if he’s an absolute bore? Or worse, what if he’s a brute? No amount of muscle definition or domestic labor is going to compensate for a terrible personality.

A man wearing a sweater and sunglasses.
Strive to be a good man, and you’ll be a good catch.

5. He’s a Good Man

When it comes to personality, the primary thing that women look for is kindness. Women like kind men. This is because someone who is kind is more likely to be nice to them and to take care of whatever children the union may produce.

Kindness can also mean moral fiber. After all, someone who is kind is more likely to be a good person, which makes him less likely to be unfaithful or abusive. So looking for someone kind could translate to a more successful relationship.

Another personality trait that women want in a man is fatherliness. This can be hard to find unless that man they’re dating is already a father, but in cases where neither has children, this can be seen if the man shows patience and expresses desire to be a father.

6. He’s Funny

If you want to attract women, you’ve got to have a sense of humor. If a man’s looks, personality, and skills constitute an arsenal, then his sense of humor could potentially be his biggest gun. There’s a joke among women that a funny man is dangerous because he’ll make a woman laugh and laugh and before she knows it, she’s undressed.

Being able to make a woman laugh can put her at ease. Laughing relaxes her, which makes her more likely to trust the guy who’s making her laugh.

This trust in turn makes her more likely to take things in a romantic direction or be more agreeable if the guy she’s with wants to do just that.

7. He’s Confident

If a sense of humor isn’t the proverbial big gun, then confidence is another weapon in your arsenal. Being confident is incredibly attractive. In fact, some would go so far as to say that attractiveness is almost entirely dependent on how confident that person is. That may not be true, as facial symmetry and hygiene both play their parts in attractiveness, but being able to stand up straight and look a person in the eye go a long way towards making someone hot.

8 He’s Passionate about Something

One more trait that women absolutely love in a man is passion and not just the amorous kind. There are a lot of women out there that love it when a guy they’re with just starts talking about something they’re clearly passionate about. This is different from mansplaining because there’s no condescending edge to it. It’s just a guy explaining something that he’s put a lot of time in and women love that.

It doesn’t matter what the topic is. It could be his custom PC build. It could be post-WWI inflation in Germany. As long as he’s passionate, there will be women who’ll be into him once the ball gets rolling.

There’s a lot that goes into being the ideal man. A guy can have all that above and more and still won’t be perfect for someone. Conversely, someone can have none of the above and he’ll find a woman who can’t get enough of him because their pheromones match or something. That said, having all these great character traits does not hurt most men’s chances at finding love.

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