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How to Appreciate Women through Words

Beautiful woman smiling as the photographer learns to appreciate women
Appreciate women by giving genuine compliments.

People say flattery can take you places.

They’re right—it’s a way to advance your interests. Say the right thing to the right people, and you’ll find yourself in favorable positions.

Most men try to win a woman’s heart through flattery, showering her with superlatives and praises. They’ll start with her most obvious attributes—her looks. They’ll say she looks amazing, that she’s the most beautiful woman they’ve ever laid eyes on.

And for the most part, that works. She’ll give you her number and go out with you once or twice.

But if you truly want a long-term relationship, one filled with meaning and happiness, you’ll have to make sure you’re flattery isn’t disingenuous.

As much as women like receiving compliments, they can tell if your words are meaningless. So how do you make yourself irresistible while showing that you appreciate women wholeheartedly?

Let’s discuss how you can use compliments to sweep her off her feet.

How Does a Girl Feel When You Compliment Her?

A woman’s reactions toward compliments largely depend on her relationship with the flatterer. If you’re a total stranger, there’s a possibility of getting her startled. So telling a woman she is adorable when you barely know each other isn’t going to get you any brownie points.

On the other hand, showing a woman appreciation when you’ve built some level of trust in each other will go a long way.

Despite that reality, there are some common feelings women feel when they receive compliments from men. Let’s run through them quickly:

1. Delight

Everyone likes receiving compliments. Women are no exception. What woman doesn’t like being told that she looks beautiful? It’s only natural to feel some joy after receiving such a comment.

Some try to contain their happiness, while others won’t deny their excitement. The most obvious giveaways are a giggle and a smile. Blushing is also a typical sign of joy.

A little chemistry is in action here as “happy” hormones like serotonin and dopamine rush through a woman. Body temperature may also rise as they process the compliment.

2. Doubt

Some women react to compliments with scepticism. Perhaps because they’ve been burned too many times, or they just aren’t used to receiving praise, especially from men.

Because of their doubt, they question the flatterer’s intentions. Do they truly appreciate women, or are they fishing for something?

3. Confidence

A simple and genuine compliment is enough to make a woman feel confident. Who wouldn’t feel reassurance after receiving pleasant feedback?

Woman admiring her surroundings
Want to boost a woman’s confidence? Tell her she looks beautiful.

That confidence can help them power through their days, making them a little less stressful.

4. Curiosity

Compliments can spark a woman’s curiosity about you. She may ask you questions, which can make one thing lead to another. When the questions start coming, answer each one with confidence and honesty to keep her engaged.

5. Irritation

Unfortunately, not everyone takes a compliment the way it was intended. Whether you’re a stranger or a friend, there’s a possibility that a woman may feel irritated after a compliment—especially if she’s in a sour mood.

Here’s a pro tip: don’t go in blindly when complimenting ladies! If you’re going to throw one, we recommend doing it to someone you know. Make sure they’re in a good mood so you won’t risk ruining their day.

5 Ways to Tell a Woman She Is Beautiful Inside and Out

When a man appreciates a woman, he’ll make sure to compliment her on her beauty. But you can’t go overboard with the adulation. There is an art to dishing out compliments.

Don’t just praise her appearance by saying “You’re a totally gorgeous babe.” That will only make you come across as a shallow, cringy guy who’s only after a woman’s looks.

So here are some suggestions to help you. Here’s how to tell a woman she’s beautiful without being superficial and creepy:

1. Look for her unique attributes

Find a notable feature that you want to highlight. Focusing on that distinguishable part will make her feel extra special because it’s uniquely hers. Be it her almond-shaped eyes, or perfectly done hair, pick an attribute of her’s you can’t help but notice.

2. Go beyond her looks

Telling a woman she’s beautiful is great, but don’t stop at her physical features. Compliments are better appreciated when they’re directed at personality traits. When you see one or more that stand out to you, let her know that you’ve taken notice.

3. Focus on her good deeds

A woman’s behavior is just as attractive as her looks. When you focus on her actions, this makes her appreciate herself a little more. Why? Unlike her looks, a woman has actual control over her behavior.

4. Remove yourself from the equation

When complimenting a woman, make it all about her. You’re not supposed to tell them what they can do for you because you’re not the highlight. Remember: she’s the one getting praise.

5. Make her feel valued

A lot of compliments, especially those directed at her physical beauty, while nice, are surface level. If you want her to remember you, tell her something that will make her feel valued, important, and appreciated as a person.

Woman holding a small flower
Praise her personality traits just as much you compliment her looks.

The Kinds of Compliments Women Prefer from Men

While it’s not wrong to compliment a woman’s beauty, it won’t hurt to diversify your praise! A woman enjoys compliments that are not about her looks.

Try telling her something that adds to her value and sense of meaning and positive influence. Here are some examples:

1. Your perspective on [*insert subject*] was insightful and refreshing.

A compliment like this points out someone’s intelligence and abilities. Women will appreciate the fact that you’ve listened to their takes on a specific subject.

2. You’re a blessing to have around.

This compliment celebrates your presence in a person’s life. You can’t get any more appreciative than that.

3. I like how you think.

This compliment is exactly what it is on the surface: it acknowledges and praises a person’s mindset. This may even be challenging the flatterer to be better thinkers, and, by extension, people.

4. You’re hilarious.

Relating to a person’s sense of humor makes for stronger connections because you have something to bond over. This compliment may even lead to flirty banter.

5. You’re more than enough.

Does this sound too general? Is this reaching a borderline flirtatious tone? The answer to both questions is yes. And with that, you may want to save this compliment for someone you’re emotionally intimate with, like a partner.

The Value of Showing Women Appreciation

Women’s Month shouldn’t be the only time we should appreciate women. We should show our appreciation all year long!

There is more to showing appreciation than getting her to fall for you. Sometimes, it’s about empowering them and giving them meaning in life.

So, when a woman receives a seemingly simple compliment about their effort in, for example, a relationship, they’ll feel valued and respected. Healthy appreciation also does wonders for their overall well-being, encouraging them to do their best every day.

Saying thank yous and I love yous are great, but much like compliments, you can diversify your ways of expressing your gratefulness. Examples include quality time and acts of service (doing chores, driving her to places, etc.).

Now that you know how to compliment a woman genuinely, we hope you can take our advice and apply them in your romantic pursuits. Remember to be sincere in your efforts. If she doesn’t show mutual feelings, be a gentleman and step back.

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