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How to Make the Most Out of Your Philippines Vacation

Aerial view of an island in the Philippines Travel and explore the wonders of the Philippines.

There’s just something about the Philippines that draws the attention of a lot of tourists. Its catch phrase “Choose Philippines” has certainly lived up to its purpose because many tourists from across the globe have chosen the Philippines to spend their vacation in.

It boasts a wide array of pristine white sand beaches and an abundance of natural resources that’ll make your vacation worthwhile and one of a kind. Above all, it is the culture and the people of this country that make tourists keep wanting to come back and experience more of what it offers.

You will never run out of fun things to do and exciting places to see in the Pearl of the Orient Seas. All 7000 plus islands of the Philippine has something special to offer. So to help you make the most out of your Philippine vacation, here are the Philippines’ must-see places and must-try activities:

  • Ride The Jeepney

    In the Philippines, not everyone can afford to own a car to go around with. Buses are also often used for long travels and farther distances. Filipinos often take the jeepney to go around their locality.

    This means of transportation has long been a part of the Filipino culture and to experience riding one is something you should not miss.

  • Get a relaxing hot bath on a giant wok in Antique

    Experience a very unique hot bath in Tibiao, Antique. This major tourist attraction in the quiet and laid-back town of Tibiao is one that will make you fearful but excited at the same time.

    A giant kawa (clay wok) placed above a blazing fire serves as the tub where you will take your hot bath in. It may look like you’re being boiled alive but the fire is actually well regulated to suit how warm you want it to be. And if you happen to stumble upon a beautiful Filipina during your trip, they also have woks big enough for two.

  • Walk Down Philippines’ Memory Lane in Vigan

    If you want to experience what the Philippines was like during the Spanish Era, just stroll around Vigan City and you’ll feel like you’ve time travelled 300 years ago. Philippines history is in full display in this gem of a city.

    Well preserved coral stone houses, tiled streets, old street lamps and horse carriages are what awaits you in Vigan; nothing like a historically and culturally immersive excursion. This is also one of the few tourist attractions in the Philippines where a lot of local tourists flock. So if you want to meet stunning Filipino women during you trip, Vigan is your best bet.

  • Try balut (duck fetus)

    Balut is the famous Filipino street food. You can find it anywhere in the streets of the country especially at night. This iconic and exotic delicacy is nothing more of a 16-to-21-day-old fertilized boiled duck egg.

    It may not be as palatable as it looks, but once you get to taste it, you’ll have an instant change of heart. Your Philippines travel will not be a complete experience if you don’t get to try balut.

  • Attend a Local Fiesta

    Travelling across the Philippine islands, you’d be hard-pressed not to notice the vibrant and colorful culture of each province and town. The vibrance of their culture is in full display during their annual festivals.

    One of the biggest and highly anticipated festivals in all of the Philippines is the Sinulog Festival in Cebu. Millions of tourists, both local and foreign flock the streets of Cebu City to experience a one of a kind mardi gras. This is one festival that you shouldn’t miss.

The Philippines is made up of over 7000 islands of picturesque scenery, beautiful tropical landscape and millions of warm and friendly people. Whether your trip is solely intended for a relaxing vacation or to purposely find your true love, your trip to the Philippines will certainly yield to memories and experiences you will not soon forget.

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