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Debunking Stereotypes about Dating Filipino Women

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There’s more to Filipinas than meets the eye. Learn about some common stereotypes before dating Filipino women.

Perception shapes reality.

This means that what you see in others depends on which window or lens you’re looking through.

For example, if you’re a foreigner who has never been to the Philippines and only been surrounded by people from your home country, it’s possible that your perception of Filipino women has been shaped by what the media has shown over the years.

In contrast, if you’ve lived in the Philippines and have interacted with various Filipinas, you’ll realize that there’s more to them than what is represented on television or social media.

Trying to look past these stereotypes and going beyond what you already know is important if you’re interested in dating Filipino women.

Stereotypes only create barriers.

Being able to see Filipinas as they are allows you to foster a more genuine connection with them.

Increase your chances of success in love with a Filipina by getting to know what it’s like to date them.

Single Filipinas posing for the camera.
Single Filipinas have varying sets of quirks and complexities. They can’t be defined by a short list.

Common Pros and Cons of Dating a Filipina

Many people try to break down the pros and cons of dating a Filipina. And although what they say holds true in some ways, relying solely on these can be limiting.

When you date Filipinas, you’ll find that they’re multifaceted. Their qualities and traits cannot be simply broken down into a list of ten pros and cons.

Embrace their complexities by debunking the following common pros and cons.

Pro: Filipinas love to say sweet things.

Con: They don’t know how to express their love in English.

After 300 years of Spanish colonization, one might think that Filipinas are better at speaking Spanish than English. However, the English language is often the second, if not the first language, of most Filipinas.

It’s taught in schools, perpetuated all over the media, and is being spoken in day-to-day conversation.

Though some Filipinas have an accent when speaking any foreign language, don’t assume that this is a barrier to them communicating their love.

Moreover, since you want to date a Filipina, take this as a chance to learn the national language or their local dialect as well.

Some words in Filipino are better said as is than when translated to English, as there are subtle changes to its meaning.

Pro: Filipinas are family-oriented.

Con: Dating a Filipina means also dating her family.

It’s true that Filipinas are family-oriented. Moreover, Filipino families usually involve themselves in the love life of the women of their clan out of concern for their well-being.

However, having a Filipina girlfriend doesn’t mean that you’re also going to bear the responsibility she has towards her family.

It was the case back then because as part of traditional Filipino dating culture, the man is required to serve his lover’s home and give presents to her family to showcase his genuine intentions and to assure that she’s going to be with a provider – a practice known as paninilbihan.

However, that practice is long gone. When you date a Filipina, you have a choice as to whether or not you’ll make frequent visits to her family, give gifts, and help out.

Pro: Filipinas are easy to please.

Con: They can be passive-aggressive.

Although the stereotype that Filipinas are easy to please yet are passive-aggressive is like two ends of a spectrum, the reason for this all boils down to their culture.

Dating Filipino women requires you to have a good understanding of where they are from and their unique traditions.

There are many different regions in the Philippines and each has their own distinct ways.

A Filipina may be easy to please as your actions align with her views. However, others can be frustrated by your disregard for their beliefs.

A photo of a big Filipino family
When you date a Filipina, you’re free to choose whether to help her with her family matters.

Do Filipinas Make Good Wives?

It’s common to hear people say that Filipinas make good housewives.

Although these ladies are indeed experts at managing household responsibilities, most people think that they take the full-time family job because they’re uneducated and can’t land a high-income occupation.

The reality is, Filipino culture puts heavy emphasis on family.

Even before Spaniard colonization, Filipinas were tasked with taking care of their husbands and children. It’s because of this traditional belief that they often prefer to be housewives.

However, in their role as a housewife, keep in mind that they’re far from being uneducated in terms of family matters.

Filipino wives and mothers are often the managers and teachers of the house.

While the husband works a day job, they take time to sort out household expenses, check which parts of their home need improvement, and develop long-term plans for the family.

As for the children, they educate them on values, such as respectfulness, compassion, fairness, and persistence.

They also prepare them to achieve future success by putting importance on their academic achievements and creative talents, shaping them to become well-rounded individuals.

How to Make a Filipina Fall in Love with You

You may have heard many success stories that revolve around a Filipina dating a foreigner.

As someone who’s interested in dating in the Philippines as an American or foreigner, you know from their testimonies that it’s not easy.

Yes, you may have met many single Filipinas.

But how can you win the heart of someone who’s from the other side of the globe, knowing that your differences play a major part in your interaction?

Worry not as here are a few essential Filipina dating tips.

Make the first move.

If you want a Filipina lover, you need to make the first move.

Unlike Western women, for example, Filipinas expect men to take the initiative. This aligns with the traditional role they were raised with.

Moreover, most Filipinas fear that they may come off as desperate if they make the first move.

This means that even if she likes you, she’ll only admire you from afar unless you approach her first.

If you’re interested in a Filipina whom you came across online, try sending her a message or a letter expressing your interest.

A woman whose eyes show her interest in becoming a Filipina lover.
There's no reason to hesitate. Make the first move in getting to know a potential Filipina lover.

Respect her beliefs and customs.

As mentioned, dating Filipino women requires you to know their culture.

As you do, you may find that you don’t agree with some of their beliefs and customs. However, there’s no need for you to follow all of them or to comment negatively.

Learn to respect a Filipina’s way of life.

If she asks you to participate, communicate your boundaries and she’ll gladly be willing to find a middle ground together.

Get to know the Filipino language.

Although English is either the first or second language in the Philippines, a Filipina would greatly appreciate it and be impressed if you try communicating with her in her language.

Note, however, that there are over 120 languages spoken in the country.

Depending on where your potential Filipino girlfriend is from, you can learn simple phrases in her mother tongue.

Go beyond What You Know When Dating Filipino Women

To have a Filipina lover means to never make assumptions.

Anyone can easily get offended by stereotypes about them, even the most patient person. More so if you try to force it on them.

If you’re meeting single Filipinas in the hopes of dating one, keep an open mind. See these ladies past the typical representations you’ve heard about and get to know them personally.

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