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The Laws of Attraction | How to Pull Your Dream Girl Toward You

A couple following the laws of attraction
If you want to win your dream girl’s heart, give the laws of attraction a shot.

Have you ever been told to manifest positive energy to make your desires come true?

People who are big believers in manifestation are most likely following the laws of attraction.

We’re sure you’ve heard of those laws in passing before. But what are these laws? Do they even work? How can they attract the object of your affection?

Allow us to explain and convince you to believe in these laws.

The Law of Assumption vs. Law of Attraction

The law of attraction is a popular subject among spiritual people. But did you know that there’s another universal law that helps turn your wishes into reality?

That law is called the law of assumption.

How is it any different from the law of attraction? We’ll explain both in detail to help you pick out their differences. From there, you can choose one philosophy to follow to help you attract and find love.

Unpacking the Law of Attraction

This universal law has been made famous by the popular self-book The Secret. But what is this law all about?

The law of attraction believes that one’s thoughts and actions attract rewards. If you’re a consistently positive thinker, you’ll be rewarded with positive results. On the other hand, frequent pessimism attracts negative experiences.

Let’s put this positivity in the context of this article. If you want to attract a woman, you’ll need to believe that you can charm one. That will help boost your confidence, which will certainly catch someone’s eye.

Science says optimism greatly helps our mental health. According to research, adopting a growth mindset can lessen depression and anxiety while combating stress.

Don’t mistake the laws of attraction as a promoter of toxic positivity. Following such a philosophy means that you should recognize and accept the world’s realities while maintaining optimism.

Guiding Principles

According to advocates, the law of attraction operates under these three core principles:

a. Like attracts like.

If you want good things to come your way, you’ll need to adjust your mindset. We attract things based on our energies, even if we aren’t aware of it.

b. Nature abhors a vacuum.
Woman writing “No” on glass
Manifest positive energy by throwing out the negative things in your life.

What does this principle mean? It suggests that having empty spaces in our heads is impossible. And with that, this principle believes that eliminating negative things in your life will leave more room for positive things as replacements.

c. The present is always perfect.

Many believe that there’s always room for improvement. Yes, every day has its flaws, but the law of attraction proposes that we shouldn’t let that reality ruin our days. Instead, it encourages us to enjoy the present moments.

How Does the Law of Assumption Work?

Like the law of attraction, the law of assumption believes in manifestation. However, there’s a difference. Going by its name, this universal law suggests that you can manifest your desires by assuming their existence.

This thought originated from author Neville Goddard. According to his teachings, nothing exists outside of our consciousness, and our experiences are just projections of our consciousness.

How to Attract Positive Energy from the Universe

If you’ve decided to follow the laws of attraction to win over a girl, you already know that healthy optimism is the key to making them work. Send good vibes your way by making these things a part of your daily habits:

1. Face the world with optimism

Don’t be a moody and brooding person to everyone and everything. Sulking is just going to make your surroundings feel even more miserable than usual.

2. Show appreciation for the good things in your life

It’s tempting to lash out at negativity. Your frustration is valid. And with that, we suggest shifting your energies toward the good things in your life after you’ve gotten the negative feelings out of your system.

Show gratitude for every blessing, regardless of scale. No triumph is too big or small to go unnoticed.

3. Give back

Spread good vibes to others by helping other people out. You can do this in tons of ways, such as helping out in community kitchens or volunteering at an animal shelter.

4. Extend your patience

A woman sitting on a hillside bench
If you want to know how to attract positive energy from the universe, learn by exercising patience.

Good things don’t fall onto our laps at our convenience. When they arrive, they make their presence known. Don’t get burnt out if they don’t come your way as soon as you hope.

The 7 Laws of Attraction

The law of attraction has seven sub-laws within itself. These may not be strict policies, but each one is worth remembering. Let’s take a look at each law and its contribution:

1. Magnetism

You attract what you are. Every experience you’ve had is the result of your unleashed energies.

Maybe you haven’t attracted the right person because of your pessimism. Change your tune and be more hopeful. The shift won’t happen overnight, so don’t rush your progress.

2. Manifestation

This sub-law encourages us to embrace the present. Don’t dwell too much on the future because it won’t change anything. What you can do is work to build a great now to enjoy that.

3. Right Action

Weed out the negativity in your life, from cluttered spaces to toxic people. You’ll have more space for better things and people moving forward.

4. Delicate Balance

Bad days are inevitable, so there’s no use in running away from them. Take them as valuable lessons instead.

You can always recover from your failures. For example, relationships won’t always be smooth sailing. Take the bad and ugly days with the good ones and recognize your takeaways from them.

5. Unwavering Desires

According to this sub-law, your drive to attract a specific thing (or in this case, a person) should be persistent. Weak desires lead to poor results.

6. Harmony

Everything has a connection with each other, even if it’s invisible to the naked eye. If you don’t fight the universe’s natural order, you’re more likely to attract good things.

7. Universal Influence

Whatever we give to the world, we get it right back. Our actions leave impacts. If you helped someone out in their time of need, you’ll give them a reason to return the favor.

How to Attract a Woman

Now that you know how the laws of attraction work, you can apply your learnings to win your dream girl over. Put your knowledge to the test by taking these steps:

Work on being your best self.

Physical appearance is a relevant attractor. However, that’s just one part of the equation. Your personality matters too! There’s nothing more attractive than a person carrying themselves with self-assurance.

Make your intentions clear.

Manifesting a future partner means being specific. What do you truly want from a girl? List down your wants, needs, and non-negotiables.

Set manageable expectations.

As much as you should uphold your standards, remember that perfection doesn’t exist. Focus on finding someone that’s right for you instead of looking for unattainable things.

We hope our nuggets of wisdom will help you in your search for true love. Good luck!

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